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Life of Moses - Monologue by Ed Turner
The Preaching is shared by the leadership

Steve and Joyce Dennis were missionaries
in North Africa and served locally for 20yrs

Ed and Colleen Turner
- 40 years pastoral
including 20+ years in Thorhild in part and
full time pastoral care.

Reinhard and Rizelle Dittmer
- a Lutheran
minister, "on loan to us" -by the will of God
originally from Germany and married a S.
African lady -after they met in Canada!
1Corinthians 12  - Spiritual Gifts
1Corinthians 13  - Love Chapter
1Corinthians 14  - Church Correction
Prophets and Priests     Reinhard Dittmer
Steve Dennis    
1Corinthians 15 part1  - The Corrected Gospel
1Corinthians 15 part2  - The Resurection
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Leadership in Training  (Joshua 1)   by: Ed Turner
Colosians Summary    by:  R.Dittmer  
Conclusion of 1Corinthians (16)   by: Steve Dennis
Sept 29
Sept 22
Sept 15
Sept 8
Sept 1
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Aug 18
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The Preaching is a shared responsibility of the Board of Elders.
 Ed Turner      
Oct 6
Defecting to the Truth - Joshua 2   by: Ed Turner
The Gospel of Matthew   by: R. Dittmer   
Oct 20
Oct 27
2Corinthians Chapter1   by:Steve Dennis
Oct 13
Thanksgiving 2019   by: Steve Dennis
Nov 3
2Cor2  "Second Chances"   by:Steve Dennis
Nov 10
2Cor3  "Genuine Ministry"   by:Steve Dennis
Nov 17
Joshua3  "Transistion Places"   by:Ed Turner
Nov 24
2Cor5  "Heaven's the Place"   by:Steve Dennis
Dec 1
2Cor6  "Unequally Yoked"   by:Steve Dennis
TLGF Preaching Elders:
Dec 8
Joshua5  "Jericho"   by: Ed Turner
Dec 15
"Guilting or Giving"  2Cor8,9   by:Steve Dennis
Dec 22
"God with Us"  Matt1   by:Reinhard Dittmer
The BIBLE is the word of God and if interpreted and applied correctly is the guide for Christian's daily life.
This may not be the most  sensational way to preach -but we believe the context of the passage, setting of the Bible times and the combined influence of the whole message of the Bible gives us the most accurate and reliable approach to understanding the Word of God.
It is our intent to preach these messages, passage by passage to provide "the whole counsel of God." 
Dec 29
"Passion of Preaching p1"  by: Steve Dennis  2Cor10
Jan 5
"Passion of Preaching p2"  by: Steve Dennis  2Cor11
Jan 12
"Cost of the Gospel"  by: Steve Dennis  2Cor12,13
Jan 19
"Defeat to Victory"  by: Ed Turner  Joshua 7
Speacil Music   Bert Quist
Feb 2
Matthew's Gospel  - R. Dittmer
Feb 9
Galatians Intro (Gal 1)  by: Steve Dennis
Feb 16
Source of Temptation  - Ed Turner
Feb 23
Mar 1
Did You receive the Spirit?  (Gal 3)   by: Steve Dennis
AreYou Crucified with Christ  (Gal 2)  
Joshua 10   by: Ed Turner
Mar 15
Mar 8
Believer's promise - Heirs of God   (Gal 4)
Freedom of the Gospel  (Gal5)   Steve Dennis
Mar 22
APR 05
APR 12
"Church at Home"  S1    Encourage One another
"Church at Home"  S2    Easter Sunday
"Church at Home"  S3    Prayer   Ed Turner
APR 19
"Church at Home"  S4    Introduction to Ephesians   SMD
APR 26
"Church at Home"  S5   The Believer's Crown   Ed Turner
MAY 03
"Church at Home"  S6   Ephesians 2     Steve Dennis
MAY 10
"Church at Home"  S7   Ephesians 3     Steve Dennis
MAY 17
Sermon Archives

"Church at Home"  S8   Ephesians 4     Steve Dennis
MAY 24
"Church at Home"  S9   Ephesians 5     Steve Dennis
MAY 31
"Church at Home"  S10   Joshua 13  Ed Turner
JUN 07
Preach the Word
   "The Christian Armor"  Eph6  Steve Dennis
JUN 14
   "The Joy of Fellowship "  Philppians 1  Steve Dennis
JUN 21
   "Give me this mountain "  Joshua 14  Ed Turner
JUN 28
   "The joy of Unity"   Phil2   Steve Dennis
JUL 05