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Shiba Inu Dog Breeders:  Sibu Inu Puppy

Today's Shiba Inu Puppy has been bred by carefully mixing strains of small Japanese dogs.  All Shibas originate from mountainous, landlocked parts of Japan, where they thrive on cold winter weather and enjoy living outdoors.  Traditionally they were used as a family dog and make excellent guard dogs.  Excelling in hunting game Shibas have been used to hunt bear and wild boar as well.

Shibas come in a variety of colours, but colloquially they are call "Aka Inu" or Red Dog which is by far the preferred colour.  They also come in black and tan, fawn and various shades of fawn with black overlay (red sesame)  Shibas range from 15-16 1/4 inches in height for males and 13 3/4" to 15" for females.  The height of the Shiba is one of the characteristics of this alert little breed.  The have a short dense coat and their ears and tail are completely natural.

 Shibas have a "fox like" appearance that is captivating.  They are unusually hardy and robust little dogs that do not require the pampering and grooming that so many breeds require.  They are the smallest of the Nippon Inu, with a very compact, muscular body.  This gives them great agility and an attitude of gracefulness and elegance.  They are a very friendly dog, lively and gay while also being very attentive to their owners feelings.  They can be an excellent guard dog with a lot of self assurance, yet are not a yappy breed.  They make an excellent family pet and wonderful playmate for children.  The loyalty of the breed to their masters and family is a much repeated statement that we have heard from the people who have owned them. 


Our Stud Force

now includes:
Champion Cintara KUUMBA Kai (Red) (son)  - and -  Champion Thunderflash ORI OH at Cintara (Blank & Tan)  "Cookie"  (father)



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